Damir Muratov. You can't do that. 2015. Oil on canvas. 60 x 60 cm
Maria Semenskaya. Contemplation of inefficient resistance in the middle of the way. 2015. Oil on canvas. 120 x 150 cm
Ekaterina Zhadina. Rain-2. 2015. Oil on canvas. 90 x 60 cm
11 December, 2015 to 22 December, 2015
The phrase "I also can do that" can be called the leitmotif of the whole history of contemporary art. In fact the motto "art to the masses" that was put forward in the USSR represents the position of contemporary art very well, where any ordinary viewer feels compelled to declare that he also can do that. After all, anyone can do that, anyone can become an artist.
However, not everyone becomes an artist.
It is important that the artist observes those things which an ordinary consciousness ignores or labels it as unnecessary, inappropriate or too easy. It seems that those things, apparently, can be made by anyone. There are ideas, elements of the environment, constructions, actions, concepts, which the artist understands and then finds and reveals their aesthetic resources. These things acquire other qualities in artworks, endowed with new content and meaning, a positive sing, a vital force are found in them.  When we see the artwork, which was born because of the understanding of simple verities, we usually can hear "I can do that too!". The authenticity of the image that the artist finds and gives to the viewer is aroused the strongest sense of belonging to the art and deep disappointment that the viewer was not the creator of this artwork.
At the exhibition "You can’t do that" artists of 11.12 Gallery will try to "justify" the situation around contemporary art in the eyes of the uninitiated viewer, by demonstrating their technique, skills and talent. This is simplicity with a place for genius. One of the directions to create the artwork is the saturation of the simplest elements and techniques of meanings and messages, and another one is the transformation of the complex forms, loaded with content and ideas, in objects for admiration, where the whole is more important than the parts of it.
As a fairway artists took the motive of "Black Square", which is perceived in society as the countdown, the starting point, the foundation of contemporary art. The exhibition "You can’t do that" is devoted to the centenary of the "Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich - the simplest for the reproduction and most complex for the understanding piece of art among the works of the twentieth century. Alexander Benois called "Black Square" the icon of new contemporary art, which replaced the classical art. Without doubt it was. Artists of the XX and XXI centuries have repeatedly referred to the subject and the image of this iconic painting, but everyone tried to get to its essence through his own vision, to open a new meaning, so there are a lot of interpretations of "Black Square": from shapeless foundations of an entire philosophic school to the brand, personified the modern Russian culture.
Artists: Vasily Slonov, Studio 30, Igor Tishin, Maxim Bashev, RDSisters, Semen Agroskin, Alexey Alpatov, Damir Muratov, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Alexey Vorontsov, Kirill Yakovlev, Maria Semenskaya, Ekaterina Sysoeva, Ekaterina Zhadina, Ruslan Vashkevich.