Vova Marin - OVER FENCES

29 June, 2012 to 22 July, 2012
Vladimir Marin was born in 1984.
He graduated from Polytechnic Institute and Obninsk MSUDT, specialization Landscape Design.
Lives and works in Kaluga.
The exhibition is titled Over fences.
The image of the fence is very important for Russian cultural subconscious. A fence may be made of wood or metal, with slits or go as a solid wall, it may be rotten or painted, it can be a means of protection or be an obstacle. People use it to separate from each other, to mark the boundaries of the territory of their habitat.
But what does it mean to be over the fence? Over the fence means to overcome. Without using force, through flying over the barrier, we can deconstruct the boundaries of everyday life, and take a unified look over the surrounding area. When the view comes over the fence, it opens everything that reality has in its entirety, leading the observer away from the subjective distinction between "mine - someone else's." These can be houses, roofs, cars, roads, factories, trains, and being over the fence, we find ourselves in the same space with all these things, here and now.
Vova Marin uses found objects as a basis of his works such as wood, planks, iron sheets which used to be parts of complete designs. These found objects are the carriers of valuable information because under the process of being used by a person they passed some conditions, their appearance, function and demand changed in course of time. But the artist is far from from the principle of demonstration of a found object as a final statement that was specific, for example,  for Arte Povera movement, he carries out the final metamorphoses in object life, adding his own subjective emotional component that is strongly connected with the same environment  as a basic object. As a result Marin`s works bear an organic live element in case of which the material buried by the environment continues to exist as its metaphysical image at another level of life - in emotional exploration of the viewer.
«Created in minimalist style works of a young artist impress with a combination of form and image.
The genius of his painting  is in transfer of  image. The minimalism in Marin`s works, their original style give rise only to positive emotions".
 Sofia Trotsenko
"I think that Volodya – is a lyrical artist. To see a night road  in a piece of metal or a fading away stub is possible only for a person with a certain state of mind and mood. In some details his works for me mind associate with Oscar Rabin`s pictures of 60-s and 70-s or with Yuri Kuper`s ones  (a tulip from a wire - garages from wood planks).
A craftsman… Sees a thing! It imposes me very much, as well as that there is an artist, transferring mood: a little sad, lonely, nostalgic …. Zhiguli, a yard with garages … Something from the childhood..."
 Alexander Kaplan, collector