"Voligamsi, Muratov and et cetera..."

Voligamsi, Muratov and et cetera
Voligamsi, Muratove and et cetera
Voligamsi, Muratov and et cetera
28 January, 2019 to 28 February, 2019

"Voligamsi, Muratov and et cetera..." is a new art project presented by 11.12 GALLERY together with Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod and Art Residence Opyata. This display is dedicated to an important museum's exhibitions for the past few years. But for this time, presented in a compact format. 

From 28th of January to 14th of February you have a chance to see, how Rinat Voligamsi's creative practice has been developing for the past 10 years, from his "Village" and "Snow" to the rusty nails of "Dvoegorsk".

We are located at the 23rd entrance. Follow the mushrooms and they will lead you to the final destination!