Vladimir Marin. Pigeons. Wood, acrilyc, dimensions vary
Vladimir Marin. Аutomobile. Wood, acrilyc, dimensions vary
Vladimir Marin. Bullfinches. Wood, acrilyc, dimensions vary
21 September, 2013 to 20 October, 2013
Gallery 11.12 in conjunction with CCA Winzavod presents Vladimir Marin’s new project SIMPLY A PITY ABOUT THE TREES as a part of Parallel program of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.
All the trees used had been cut down by the city’s municipal services in order to provide the population with a comfortable life
Once, the Kaluga Administration decided to cut down the trees. And a young artist, Vladimir Marin, discovered that in his hometown he had found, literally “under his feet”, excellent material for his new work, completely free of charge. And at the same time he would be helping the municipality as much as he could toclear the city of bulky pieces of tree trunks.
In his first project “Over the Fences” Vladimir had already made steps in this direction, collecting the remains of old wooden fences in order to use them as a basis for his works, in which the memory of the old boards is reflected– the visions and the people who passed by them.
In the new project, made out of fresh and cheerful wooden rounds,the urban environment has been reconstructedin an extremely minimalist form – the trees themselves, pedestrians, cars, city birds. Art,according to Vladimir Marin,who received an education in design, should be as simple as chopping firewood.
Andrey Kovalev