Vladimir Kolesnikov "Corrections"

River God. 2016. Acrylic, oil, oil pastel on canvas. 80 х 100 cm
Monroe. 2016. Acrylic, oil, oil pastel on canvas. 110 х 160 cm
Kusama. 2016. Acrylic, oil, oil pastel on canvas. 120 х 180 cm
6 December, 2016 to 26 January, 2017

Works by Vladimir Kolesnikov are distinguished by a bright personality. His style can not be confused with anything else, due to a special technique and original concept. 

Pin-up girls invade the masterpieces of contemporary art by Yayoi Kusama, Hans Haacke, Helmut Newton, Jeff Koons and other authors on the works by Kolesnikov, that look like Italian mannerism drawing. Tempting beauty feels great riding a Koons dog or comfortably seats on the sculpture by Kusama. 

The best examples by famous artists meet pin-up girls. The battle for viewer's attention goes on between the momentary and the eternal. The question arises in the viewer's mind: what does attract him more and has more value – seductive smiling beauty or art. The deeper thinking gives us another dilemma: are we wrong with the choice of the idols of modern art.