Vladimir Kolesnikov - Air Force

12 February, 2013 to 10 March, 2013

The Air force series include large-scale works that transfer to the viewer the power and tremor of  human mind and hands creation, constructed for cold achievement of his aims. This exposition is a continuation of Vladimir Kolesnikov series Hosts of heaven. Modified angels were replaced by helicopters. No emotions, strict cold paintings, that bring to mind the famous scene of helicopters attack by Francis Ford Coppola against the musical background Ride of the Valkyries from Wagner opera about the Nibelungs.

Besides new series Air force the author`s works of last five years are also included in the exposition.

The picturesque technique of Vladimir Kolesnikov draws near graphics, that promotes by monochromic colouring, that admittedly straightens light-and-shade elaboration. Ideally verified composition, accurate working out of the picturesque plane, pedantic, anatomically correct drawing – are the components of Vladimir Kolesnikov`s  artistic methods.