Valentin Korzhov. Flesh and Sky

23 January, 2018 to 1 March, 2018

Valentin Korzhov's investigation of the body—without fear of taboos, or boundaries of shame—is a complex consideration of the origins of the human condition. His work addresses topics such as wounding and healing, wholeness and fragmentation, identity, and memory by composing surreal landscapes where hybrid creatures return to aquatic lands. In addition to photography, Korzhov works in a variety of other media, notably sculpture, film and performance to form scenes of spiritual creation. A fascination with Greek and modern philosophy, the origin of life, the drama of the body, particularly with its ancestral forms and features, questions anthropocentric positions and imagine different scenarios where human and animal converge. Flesh and sky is Korzhov’s first exhibition at 11.12 Gallery, Moscow and wish to offer an ouvre of his thought and artistic approach.


Attilia Fattori Franchini