Slava Ptrk "Not Needed There. Not Needed Here"

LEGO. From the series "Age-Test". 2018. Plywood, acrylic.
Gogol. From the series "Emo-Writers". 2018.
Scar on entire Life. 2018. Ready-made, acrylic, welding. 73 x 150 x 165 cm
24 December, 2018 to 3 February, 2019
Moscow Museum of Modern Art and 11.12 Gallery present a personal exhibition of Slava Ptrk "Not Needed There. Not Needed Here". The project is part of the program to support the young art of MOMA. The exhibition is an attempt to create a universal portrait of the generation of the 90s through the history of one person. The artist paints a picture of the world of his childhood, using personal and subjective experience, which, however, largely coincides with the childhood memories of most people born at the time.
The main idea of the project was born out of the author's desire to understand the present itself, regathering all that surrounded him in childhood, and prove to himself and the viewer that his generation is not "lost generation of the dashing nineties", and thinking, feeling and held people who have something to say to the world.
In the works presented at the exhibition, numerous images of mass culture of the 90s and early 2000s are used, instantly recognizable by those whose childhood and youth took place in Russia of that period, and resurrecting in memory the fading recollections of the past. The artist says, he was inspired by his favorite characters and hobbies, such as skateboarding, "vpiski", watching "Duck stories" and "Rambo", songs Linkin Park, "ICQ", web chats and nightly MTV in the world without mobile phones, without the Internet and without social networks.
Because of the using all these easily readable and close to everyone images in artworks, the viewer is involved in the project on an emotional level, feels that he speaks with the artist in a common language and he becomes part of this open to all and sincere exhibition.