Slava Ptrk "I am Alone Here"

Slava Ptrk. Coffee with Paul. 2016. Stencil, Acrylic, Ready-Made. 28 x 26 x 10 cm
Slava Ptrk. Main at the Beach. 2016. Stencil, Acrylic, Ready-Made. 35 x 35 cm
Slava Ptrk. Long Voyage. 2015. Acrylic on Canvas. 60 x 60 cm
15 November, 2016 to 4 December, 2016

The first personal exhibition in the format of the gallery "I am Alone Here" by Slava Ptrk is held within the framework of Artmossphere Moscow Street Art Biennale. 

Street art culture today has fairly become a unique means of visual communication in the city, which reflects the condition of relationships within whole urban community. Classic of sociology Georg Simmel wrote about distinctive feature of people’s spiritual life in megalopolis - isolation of man on himself, beside a large amount of his interactions with other citizens. That is why a constant feeling of loneliness emerges, which Slava Ptrk expressed in “I am Alone Here” project. 
Initially Slava Ptrk inconspicuously painted his heroes into the urban environment, giving the city new characteristics and meanings. Characters change viewpoint to the surface, create thereon volume, space and depth. The flat white wall is transformed into a leaving into the distance snowy steppe, yellow fence - in the desert, and the gray concrete block - in a paved area on which there is a lone man with an umbrella. 
The only character is an exame of duality of the state of loneliness: on the one hand, it can open new horizons and highlight the freedom, on the other hand, it can it can deprive of necessary features and capabilities. Loneliness here is only visual, in our head we see the full picture and it makes us empathize the whole history. Visual austerity leaves us to think out things that the author decided to leave unsaid.