Sergey Sobolev - Morphology

24 May, 2012

“As music means sound, sculpture means form for me. It is the domain of feelings, which is associated with the form. It is like specific language, very old, it exists within every human being, and everyone is able to understand it.”

“Sculpture is surface and volume, and as volume it has internal space. You can dive in it, you can pass through it.

Sergei Sobolev is an intuitive artist, and his intellectual requirements for the form are largely intuitive as well.

He talks about the perception of the infant, and this indication should be seen as the original integrity, which seeks the perception of the sculptor, who wants to present a coherent logic of the visual condition that rules the world. World of forms.

The world, littered with random items and names, is released from the transparent symbols with such a perception and shows us its metaphysical crystal underside.

We're starting to see meditative potential in this sculpture.

Physical time is derived from our perception, or the function of the form if returned to the object,”

Alexander Evangeli, curator