30 June, 2015 to 27 July, 2015

According to the dictionary, the word "Sequentia" has a large number of meanings, but all of them have something in common - the essence of the word translation from Latin which is "succession".

Works, represented at our exhibition of thesame name "Sequentia" have a certain succession that contains personal programmed vision of the artist Mariya Semenskaya. Although “Sequentia” is not a single program project but the title of the exhibition, which includes works from several series (mainly “Apocrypha” and “Motivation”). According to her, each picture, along with the meaning and the creative act of the artist contained in it, opens the way to the next one, revealing the kaleidoscope of bright images and visions of the author. We can say that Semenskaya doesn't act as an artist, but rather as an executor of certain tasks. In the synthesis of creative act the result of the work "splashes" on the canvas, creating a unique image of a rich inner world of the author. Ultimately all works are bound together by this sequence, connecting a certain period of time by a permanent link: author's inner comprehension of the forms of art.

A self-image of the artist plays an important role in the creation of the works, which Semenskaya uses to emphasize the subjective vision and interpretation of the selected scenes, thereby encouraging the viewer to engage in dialogue with colorful paintings of the author.

"Creating my works, I try to identify the classic content in the new reality. They exist in reality that acknowledges the historical path of art. For people, determining their own existence through the context of time sequence, the Present is not possible without the Past. And contemporary is inextricably linked with the past, in the same way the concept of "being contemporary" excludes itself if it's not filled with the past experiences”.

Maria Semenskaya