Sasha Birulin . SCOPE . New York .

6 March, 2014 to 9 March, 2014
1985 was born in Kaluga
2002 – 2007 – Kaluga regional School of Art and Culture (artist and teacher)
2008 – 2014 – Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov (easel painting department)
Any art is a reflection on the maintenance of memory, and it isn't important, whether this memory results from experience or from imagination. Certainly we remember dreams differently from something that happened in reality. That’s because dreams are below a waterline of our consciousness like icebergs that are in the main dipped into cold water. But what we receive through gnoseology, can be expanded differently and the moribund always become a trauma. It can be a trauma with a sign plus and with a sign minus. It can smell sweet or stink.
The past is identical to everybody. It is childhood. It always passes and always remains in memory like a spot or small details that split up and move in random order like glasses in a kaleidoscope.
Excitement is the feeling that everyone experience facing the things from the beginning of the life.
They are silent symbols of your actualization here and now. Their language is rectilinear, but isn't clear.