Ruslan Vashkevich "Pass By!"

Episode # 10. 2017. Oil on canvas. 180 x 130 cm
5 September, 2017 to 15 October, 2017

The anti-artistic project of rowdy conceptualist and art political analyst Ruslan Vashkevich "Pass By!" is a head-on collision of the individual artist's directed force with the unquestioned authority of "big art". The 57 Venice Biennale became literal irritant in this story, for the official opening of which the author has aimed his battering ram. This role was played by the sight-impaired people. Venice eventually left lying on the side of life, freeing the way for the tractors "by Arte by" and their reliable principle of the third eye.

The result of the project is the obvious tangible evidence of the planned disasters and global experience for personal using.



5 September (19:00) – opening and by-discussion.
6 September (17:00) – the author's tour on the exhibition.
12 September (19:30) – a compelling outsider and yourself-in-the-head-punk musician Segey Pukst in the framework of the project "Pass By!".