Rinat Voligamsi. Snow

Rinat Voligamsi. Constellation. 2010. Oil on canvas, 100х100 сm
Rinat Voligamsi. Two Men with the Suitcase Transporting the Mausoleums. 2011. Oil on canvas, 100x80 cm
6 September, 2013 to 13 October, 2013

This project is included to the parallel program of the 5th Moscow Biennale.

The exhibition Snow combines the recent works of Rinat Voligamsi in a grisaille report “about phenomena and existences”. Raster photographs from Soviet newspapers are used by the artist as a model on which he builds his reportage about the world around us. Mystery and truth, deception and document are inseparably fused in blind photos, and Voligamsi’s pictures, which imitate them, are a convincing testimony of the extraordinary. A chronicler of utopia, he impersonally records a stroll with two and a half generals, huts with eyes, a group of soldiers, and glows of cigarettes, which we, without much thought, call a constellation.

On the one hand, the project actualizes the half-forgotten (and altogether unknown to citizens of Komsomol-age) skills of reading official information. On the other hand – it reveals the gaping holes of truthfully reflected reality, which any genre, except Conceptualism, tends to gloss over. The artist removes the layer of gloss on reality, which is mandatory for Fine Art, and subsequently the endless white radiance of the void opens up in Voligamsi’s pictures. The snow that conceals the boundless Russian field and the snow of the raster are equally reliable in concealing the accuracy of the facts from the importunate witness.

Arseny Steiner