9 July, 2019 to 11 August, 2019
Is it possible to imagine the ideal people? What could they look like? Probably, without bad habits and physical disadvantages, do not know what sin is, with impeccable behavior and way of thinking. But these concepts still remain subjective depending on a person who assesses, so along with the negative qualities, the positive ones should also disappear in order to prevent discrepancies. The same applies to purely external attributes. But how this goal could be achieved? Kirill Yakovlev offers a solution: to simplify these ideal people to the limit and on this base each of us can assemble the ideal person, depending on their own views.
28 May, 2019 to 30 June, 2019
Is it possible to tell a story through an art exhibition? In such way when the same story is equally successfully understood by all, and no one made a mistake in its retelling? Until recently, it was believed that it is quite possible — to immerse the viewer in the context, to show him the document, to hold from one object to another, to set the mood, to make a statement... But what do we get in a situation in which the chain of associations begins to unwind into infinity, and one object can easily replace the other?
5 March, 2019 to 7 April, 2019
Andrey Klimenko's exhibition "Under the Blue Sky" is devoted to the realities of a psychiatric hospital. Having a unique experience, being more than once in the clinic of neuroses in Moscow and Kiev, the artist wants the viewer feels a real picture of what happens within the walls of this institution.
14 February, 2019 to 18 February, 2019
The Art Wynwood fair will debut its eighth edition during Presidents Day Weekend, February 14 - 18, 2019 at the former Miami Herald site. Art Wynwood will continue to showcase a dynamic array of works, featuring emerging talent from the contemporary market, mid-career artists, blue-chip contemporary, post-war and modern masters. This year and moving forward, the world-renowned Miami Yacht Show will debut alongside, and in partnership with Art Wynwood at the One Herald Plaza location. This year 11.12 GALLERY takes part with a rather large-scale project. At our booth AW560 you will see artworks of Alexey Alpatov devoted to America, new picks by Anna Selina, the fresh summer "mosaic" of Anatoliy Gankevich and impressive works of Oksana Mas from different series, presented by the Heritage Gallery.
28 January, 2019 to 28 February, 2019
"Voligamsi, Muratov and et cetera..." is a new art project presented by 11.12 GALLERY together with Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod and Art Residence Opyata. This display is dedicated to an important museum's exhibitions for the past few years. But for this time, presented in a compact format.
22 January, 2019 to 3 March, 2019
Vladimir Semenskiy in his new project "Practice of Contemplation" offers us to forget about the reality around us for a while and immerse ourselves in our own world of sensations, using only the language of pure painting.
24 December, 2018 to 3 February, 2019
The exhibition is an attempt to create a universal portrait of the generation of the 90s through the history of one person. The artist paints a picture of the world of his childhood, using personal and subjective experience, which, however, largely coincides with the childhood memories of most people born at the time.
13 December, 2018 to 10 February, 2019
Contemporary artist Damir Muratov, author Che Burashka and Mickey, creator of the United States of Siberia and Bednotown (PoorTown) in Omsk presents works created after 2017 at the exhibition "Forever". "I would like to tell my story through pictures. I lived with the country. Without pathos, " says the artist.
4 December, 2018 to 15 January, 2019

Uncertain practice is a type of activity aimed at conducting experiments without any given goal or a specific question. What are such experiments for?

23 October, 2018 to 28 November, 2018
Art Sect Simple Things’ artworks are sometimes like children's toys, and attracted by its brightness and expressiveness, although they are often intensely social and dedicated to not rainbow themes. Behind the spectacular image there is always a difficult question of relationship with the surrounding world. Laws exist, any person is a tiny part of nature, obliged to know his place.
11 September, 2018 to 20 October, 2018
Vasily Slonov's new project is an artistic materialization of the author's reflections on the fate of the world in general, and on the crooked fate of Russian civilization in particular. This is an exposition of the parable of the incorruptible ideals and profanely historical choice. It is focus and projection on the Russian mentality of the explosive mixture of the sermon on the mount of Christ and the moral imperative of Emmanuel Kant. The author comes to the conclusion that the historical existence of any people, any nation is not worth a "eaten egg" if it does not storm the Heavenly Jerusalem! Everyone to storm the HEAVENLY JERUSALEM!
7 August, 2018 to 9 September, 2018
A series of works by Alexey Alpatov under the unifying name «Sky» was created by him in 2012. Then the huge paintings almost "passed by" the general audience, so now is a unique chance to see them at the artist’s personal exhibition with the same name «Sky».
17 July, 2018 to 5 August, 2018
In the new series of works "Vital Signs", Kristina Strunkova offers the audience to play detectives, find clues and guess the main criminal. By intertwining reality and fantasy, plunging into the world of the mysterious, standing on the outskirts, desolate Motel where guests vanish, visitors must compare all the facts and find someone who is behind all the mystical disappearances. And perhaps there reign supernatural forces that defy explanation, sucking every passing traveller. The choice is yours!
5 June, 2018 to 15 July, 2018
Art today is a process from illustrativeness, from the literal narrative to a more complex way of conveying the story: from "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch to "The Garden of Anhedonia" by the young artist Anna Selina.
24 April, 2018 to 3 June, 2018
The next exhibition of the artist Anya Zholud's called "Notepad". In the space of 11.12 GALLERY Zholud generates environmental exposure from a graphic monochrome paintings assembled in modular units. Each of the works is an enlarged page of a notebook in which Anya painted in trains and subway. She painted portraits of people, but fragmentary. Arms, legs (joints and knots) are a collection of human body parts with things: clothes, bags, shoes, iPads and iPhones, subway handrails. Despite the fact that technically exhibits the paintings, the artist, as always, solves the problem in the joiner's genre.
6 March, 2018 to 22 April, 2018

Snow covers the earth, trees, benches, monuments, cars and everything that is under the open sky, changing their usual form and outlines. Nature acts as an artist, under whose power "works" with a layer of covered snow grow, deform and smooth.

15 February, 2018 to 19 February, 2018

Booth AW209.
February 15th - February 19th.

13 February, 2018 to 18 February, 2018

Antique salon Russian Art & Antique Fair will take place from February 13th to February 18th in "Manege" Central exhibition hall. This year, in addition to the old masters in the salon for the first time will be presented modern art in the section Living Together, where side by side will be located 11 leading Russian galleries of contemporary art.

23 January, 2018 to 1 March, 2018
Those elusive, formless indefinable areas, those vast expanses of cosmos, that stay between one moment and another of our so-called consciousness, but make a perfect circle of a man and his life, a continuous presence of thoughts and emotions, of flesh and sky. Peter Max, 1972
12 December, 2017 to 19 January, 2018

Vladimir Semenskiy in his new project applies to pure painting art outside frameworks and theories that fill contemporary art. This makes him closer to romanticists that declared primacy of personality and creative beginnings. The artist is always is a creator that makes fantastic worlds and does not restrict himself in his artistic means.

5 December, 2017 to 10 December, 2017


19 October, 2017 to 10 December, 2017
Today the Soviet era remained deeply in the past for many people, bringing to minds a variety of associations. Omsk artist Damir Muratov referred to the positive side of this memory in his new project "Art Of Ghosts".
8 September, 2017 to 10 September, 2017
At the beginning of September, the fifth edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow will be held in Gostiny Dvor. We will present the works of the young artists Slava PTRK and the art-sect Simple Things in the section Discovery (C11), and in the new curated section of the fair Past Present (Z04) will show pictures of the famous author Natalia Nesterova. Together with London KNIGHT WEBB GALLERY we will exhibit works by Russian and Western artists, including Vladimir Marin, Vladimir Semensky, Crocodile Power group and Vasily Slonov, on recently launched additional space for cooperation between Russian and international galleries Collaborations (D9).
5 September, 2017 to 15 October, 2017

The anti-artistic project of rowdy conceptualist and art political analyst Ruslan Vashkevich "Pass By!" is a head-on collision of the individual artist's directed force with the unquestioned authority of "big art". The 57 Venice Biennale became literal irritant in this story, for the official opening of which the author has aimed his battering ram.

27 June, 2017 to 20 August, 2017

"Route is calculated" - the debut exhibition of the graduate of the Surikov Moscow State Academic Institute of Fine Arts Kristina Strunkova.

16 May, 2017 to 22 June, 2017
ARTMOSFERA association and 11.12 GALLERY are introducing the exhibition of Pablo Tomek and Ken Sortais, the artists with a background in street art, who once founded PAL CREW, one of the most productive graffiti crews in Paris. Having overcome the influence of graffiti, each of them developed their own visual language forever preserving the energy of the streets in their works.
14 May, 2017

Lecture: Point of deceit.

Alexey Alpatov

Duration: 1,5 hours

Address: #19, 1/8 4th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, CCA Winzavod

Date: May 14th, 2:00 P.M.

Admission is free.

13 April, 2017 to 14 May, 2017
Alexey Alpatov "Summertime" series consists of landscapes that transfer the viewer to the States during the period between 1950s and 1970s, the States of the flourish and rise, when the society was not divided after the Vietnam war and heroin boom.
2 March, 2017 to 9 April, 2017
11.12 GALLERY presents personal exhibition by Kirill Yakovlev "Ideal Landscape".
17 February, 2017 to 20 February, 2017


24 January, 2017 to 26 February, 2017
11.12 GALLERY presents personal exhibition by Natalya Zaloznaya «Escape». Natalya Zaloznaya is a Belarusian artist who has been living in Belgium more than fifteen years. Natalya is a constant participant of personal and group exhibitions all over the world. She represented Belarus at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005, her artworks are in collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery and the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.
6 December, 2016 to 26 January, 2017

Works by Vladimir Kolesnikov are distinguished by a bright personality. His style can not be confused with anything else, due to a special technique and original concept. 

29 November, 2016 to 4 December, 2016

From November 29th to December 4th 11.12 GALLERY is to become a part of CONTEXT Art Miami fair again. This time the fair will place in a new and larger space to accommodate more participants and enthusiasts amateurs of contemporary art.

15 November, 2016 to 4 December, 2016

The first personal exhibition in the format of the gallery "I am Alone Here" by Slava Ptrk is held within the framework of Artmossphere Moscow Street Art Biennale. 

9 September, 2016 to 11 September, 2016
11.12 GALLERY participates in Cosmoscow international contemporary art fair. We will represent new artworks by Vasily Slonov and Rinat Voligamsi, made specially for Cosmoscow. We will wait you from the 9th to 11th of September at our C3 booth.
6 September, 2016 to 6 November, 2016
In his new project "Village" Rinat Voligamsi uses the common motif of rural life. What could be more familiar and simple than the image of pastoralists? However, the artist has mixed an unimaginable cocktail of the familiar, cherished images, bold absurdity insights and brand retrofuturistic manners. Despite of the irreality of the form, meaning and message of the works are on the surface and remain accessible. New Voligams's artworks as usual are monochrome, meticulously accurate and meaningful. There are paintings, metal objects and installations on the exhibition.
26 July, 2016 to 21 August, 2016
We are pleased to present the new project by Gleb Skubachevskiy "Circulation" held in the framework of the Parallel program of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.
28 June, 2016 to 21 July, 2016

We are pleased to present the new project by Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov "Closed systems or nothing to do with Tardigrade" held in the framework of the Parallel program of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.

21 May, 2016 to 26 June, 2016
In the heart of the new series by Igor Skaletskiy are pagan beliefs of the Northern peoples of Russia on the demon named "IKOTKA". Ikotka is the demon-the inhabitant living in the human body and from time to time talking with the outside world. Ikotka usually does no harm to its owners, limited only by the power of human vices. However, some entities of this kind are able to reveal to man the sacred knowledge about the world around.
3 May, 2016 to 8 May, 2016
11.12 Gallery at Context New York 2016.
15 April, 2016 to 18 May, 2016
The artist is a professional observer. No matter how he is involved in an action, he records impulses earlier than others, which originate from those points in space where something is barely beginning to change. The time passes, and it becomes clear that this change has occurred not only in the observed object, but also in our own attitude. Sometimes it's a bit interesting to look back and play events over again in spectator mode.
10 March, 2016 to 10 April, 2016
The notion of a gesture implies different meanings: from the method of communication and contact to the aesthetic idea. Vladimir Semenskiy finds his own conception about it, researching the way of transformation of abstract motions into emotional image - the sigh of a human.
28 January, 2016 to 8 March, 2016

"Here are collected objects-clues. Defective fragments of the reality, which explain all-growing feeling of irreality of things happening around.

11 December, 2015 to 22 December, 2015
The phrase "I also can do that" can be called the leitmotif of the whole history of contemporary art. In fact the motto "art to the masses" that was put forward in the USSR represents the position of contemporary art very well, where any ordinary viewer feels compelled to declare that he also can do that. After all, anyone can do that, anyone can become an artist. However, not everyone becomes an artist.
2 December, 2015 to 6 December, 2015

11.12 Gallery represents Russia during annual Miami art week.

29 October, 2015 to 6 December, 2015
Car headlights magically transform the space of the night. Full headlights brighten up the magical and mysterious world of Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales where the night hides a lot of mystical manifestations of reality. Mysticism, as a result of the synthesis of the night and full headlights, has been interested by Alexey Alpatov. He has produced the series of works devoted to this subject. Alexey himself says about the exhibition following things: "The "Full Headlights" cycle is a series of landscapes and objects, that open to the viewer the on night road, where the only light source is the light of car headlights. In a relatively short period of car's history it's meaning has changed from utilitarian option to the archetypal symbol, connecting into t a single unit together with the properties of "vehicles" such meanings as "house", "lodging", "way of expression", and then turned into a sort of sacred object, a place for privacy, authentication attempts, and even purchase some mystical experience, opening its user previously inaccessible reality".
18 September, 2015 to 30 October, 2015
"Nowadays the word “wadding” is often used for swearing but the magic of this abuse is the same to magic of Russian filthy language. Above all things the five main roots, which are the bottom of our filthy language, are surprised us by their polysemous and vitality. The same with the wadding. It is clear that any patriot from liberal positions is, certainly, “quilted jacket”. But radical person, ending with typical nicknames, can also called liberals the same name - oh, they are all wadding ..." Vasiliy Slonov
11 September, 2015 to 13 September, 2015
28 July, 2015 to 13 September, 2015
30 June, 2015 to 27 July, 2015
"Creating my works, I try to identify the classic content in the new reality. They exist in reality that acknowledges the historical path of art. For people, determining their own existence through the context of time sequence, the Present is not possible without the Past. And contemporary is inextricably linked with the past, in the same way the concept of "being contemporary" excludes itself if it's not filled with the past experiences”. Maria Semenskaya
22 May, 2015 to 17 June, 2015

In the paintings presented at the exhibition In Vogue, the artist appeals to the aesthetics of fashion photography. In the works, executed in mixed media, Bashev looks at fashion under unusual angle. Leading professionals in the fashion industry were attracted to the production of magazines such as Vogue, Elle and L'officiel.

14 May, 2015 to 17 May, 2015
11.12 Gallery takes part in big international contemporary and modern art fair ‘Art Miami New York’. This will be the first time for the famous Art Miami fair to take place in New York at well-known Pier 94, and our Gallery is pleased to be the part of this event.
3 March, 2015 to 11 April, 2015
The world is what we see, but we need to learn to see it.
(Maurice Merleau-Ponty)
Vague anxiety and sense of self-irrelevance.Growing curiosity and increasing (from the inability to satisfy it) irritation.This is how one could describe an emotional state of the spectator, who is experiencing the first  encounter with the new project  created by Ruslan
12 February, 2015 to 28 February, 2015
9 December, 2014 to 1 January, 2015
Gallery 11.12 finishes  the outgoing year with the groop exhibition of artists with itriguyuschim title "Railway ...", which is dedicated to the theme of railways.
The exhibition demostrates the leading artists of the gallery worjing with the theme of Russian Railways.
13 November, 2014 to 14 December, 2014
28 October, 2014 to 9 November, 2014

11.12. Gallery presents the exhibition of Maxim Bashev "Portrait similarities." 

28 October, 2014 to 9 November, 2014

11.12 Gallery presents the exhibition of Vladimir Kolesnikov "Museum of power." 

16 September, 2014 to 26 October, 2014
19 August, 2014 to 14 September, 2014
31 July, 2014 to 18 August, 2014
8 July, 2014 to 27 July, 2014
11 June, 2014 to 6 July, 2014
30 April, 2014 to 15 June, 2014

"I call this exhibition Present Continuous.  Time possesses quality of fluidity.  The present constantly becomes the past and the future.  The present can't be continued, it is always trying to escape. This title is one of time forms in English - Present Continuous, this combination seemed to me a paradoxical word-play.

16 April, 2014 to 26 April, 2014
The exhibition represents a series of works created especially for Russian-British year of culture.
6 March, 2014 to 9 March, 2014
1985 was born in Kaluga
2002 – 2007 – Kaluga regional School of Art and Culture (artist and teacher)
2008 – 2014 – Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov (easel painting department)
Any art is a reflection on the maintenance of memory, and it isn't important, w
4 March, 2014 to 13 April, 2014

Igor Tishin is one of the brightest and most talented artists of the new wave of the Belorussian art marked by an active search of its new identity. Tishin was born in 1958 in the village of Vasilpolye.

6 February, 2014 to 1 March, 2014

Abstract Art appeared in the first decade of the 20th century and, in essence, was not only the search for new means of self-expression, but also the act of creating new worlds, the way of the direct realisation of the “Great Utopia”, about which Wassily Kandinsky spoke.

14 December, 2013 to 30 January, 2014
Dear friends!
7 November, 2013 to 8 December, 2013
11.12 Gallery is proud to announce the project CHILDHOOD PLAYMATES by Vasily Slonov, the author of a sensational project «Welcome!
21 September, 2013 to 20 October, 2013
Gallery 11.12 in conjunction with CCA Winzavod presents Vladimir Marin’s new project SIMPLY A PITY ABOUT THE TREES as a part of Parallel program of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.
All the trees used had been cut down by the city’s municipal services in order to provide the population with a comfortable life
Once, the Kaluga Admin
6 September, 2013 to 13 October, 2013

This project is included to the parallel program of the 5th Moscow Biennale.

13 August, 2013 to 1 September, 2013

Alexander Zhernokluev served in the Baltic fleet - military obligations expanded on all the Soviet young men. Three years from 18 to 21 – the time of recklessness and spirit he lived in severe disciplinary and hierarchical environment. But then he stepped from the deck to the canvas.

27 June, 2013 to 10 August, 2013
10 June, 2013 to 16 June, 2013

Dear friends, you are very welcome to the Scope Basel.
Gallery 11.12 is happy to announce personal show by Rinat Voligamsi at our both # H21.
SCOPE Basel 2013 | June 10 - 16
For more information: http://scope-art.com/


18 May, 2013 to 25 June, 2013


15 March, 2013 to 28 April, 2013

Olga Muravina`ssculpture possesses a rare quality to make you feel happy in everyday life, not only in a gallery or in a museum.

This art is alive, you want to keep it as a necessary beautiful thing.

12 February, 2013 to 10 March, 2013

The Air force series include large-scale works that transfer to the viewer the power and tremor of  human mind and hands creation, constructed for cold achievement of his aims. This exposition is a continuation of Vladimir Kolesnikov series Hosts of heaven. Modified angels were replaced by helicopters.

13 November, 2012 to 16 December, 2012


14 August, 2012 to 27 August, 2012

Andrey  Syaglov was born in 1968 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute, Faculty of Applied Arts. Member of the Artists Union of Russia and the International Federation of Artists. Participated in Russian and international exhibitions. His works can be found in private and corporate collections in Russia and abroad.

29 June, 2012 to 22 July, 2012
Vladimir Marin was born in 1984.
He graduated from Polytechnic Institute and Obninsk MSUDT, specialization Landscape Design.
Lives and works in Kaluga.
The exhibition is titled Over fences.
The image of the fence is very important for Russian cultural subconscious.
24 May, 2012

“As music means sound, sculpture means form for me. It is the domain of feelings, which is associated with the form. It is like specific language, very old, it exists within every human being, and everyone is able to understand it.”

“Sculpture is surface and volume, and as volume it has internal space. You can dive in it, you can pass through it.

19 April, 2012 to 20 May, 2012

These works make visible the difference between the collective panic mood and a mass psychosis, private awakening, individual experience of end and beginning, phenomenon of life, miracle of life, a short flash of awareness, appearing of unconsciousness and going nowhere.

2 March, 2012 to 15 April, 2012


27 January, 2012 to 19 February, 2012


Gallery 11.12 presents Alexander Zhernokluev’s solo exhibition. The gallery director Alexander Sharov expecting the exhibition said: “Our collaboration with

22 January, 2012

Gallery 11.12 (CCA Winzavod) invites to an exhibition "MIXED MEDIA. Monochrome".

The exhibition will last till January 22.

At the exhibition there will be presented the most significant works of the main artists of the gallery, the united idea of the works is monochrome.


Before opening the exhibition, the director of the gallery Alexander Sharov said:

16 November, 2011 to 11 December, 2011

Maxim Bashev continues a way marked by anarchists of avant-garde. His bright visual art is inspired by practices of aesthetic terror to society that wants to sleep and to see dreams, wants the quiet prosiness, but not the disturbing images, reminding of real problems. His painting is close to New York of 80s, to the interventions of protest underground in city space.