Olga Muravina - TOYS. Perfect World

15 March, 2013 to 28 April, 2013

Olga Muravina`ssculpture possesses a rare quality to make you feel happy in everyday life, not only in a gallery or in a museum.

This art is alive, you want to keep it as a necessary beautiful thing.

Her sculpture addresses to deep emotions of a game, to safety, to tactile communication with the world, simultaneously creating an esthetic distance to these non-reflexive and childish in its base energy, feeding her creativity.

Olga Muravina masterfully creates a form and provides it with delicate brutality, - perhaps, to neutralize the pathosaccompanying the maestria and the medium of mastery – stone and bronze. Along with these materials of eternity Shakespeare's reminder that we are made of the same substance, as dreams, seems not so much poetry, but a real fact of reality.Olga Muravina refracts reverence of dreams in materials of eternity and creates sculpture as a stunning fact of our poetic existence.