Natalya Zaloznaya. Present Continuous

Present Continuous . 2014. acrylic , canvas 140x120
Present Continuous 3. 2014. acrylic , canvas 100x200
Present Continuous 2. 2014. acrylic , canvas 50x100
Present Continuous . 2014. acrylic , canvas 100x200
30 April, 2014 to 15 June, 2014

"I call this exhibition Present Continuous.  Time possesses quality of fluidity.  The present constantly becomes the past and the future.  The present can't be continued, it is always trying to escape. This title is one of time forms in English - Present Continuous, this combination seemed to me a paradoxical word-play. At the works that I presented I fixed an unstable moment of a jump or falling, as a stopped moment of the present.  In a moment the figures will find the soil under feet and the present will become past.  Figures are represented in a still negative.  The still negative exempts a form from a flesh and the image in a still negative associates with the photo, which, as anything else, is urged to fix an escaping moment".

Natalya Zaloznaya