Maxim Bashev "Portrait similarities"

28 October, 2014 to 9 November, 2014

11.12. Gallery presents the exhibition of Maxim Bashev "Portrait similarities." 

Maxim shared their thoughts about his exhibition: "The idea of appealing to the great masterpieces of the past is not new and it was born not only in my head, but did not leave  such great people as Picasso, Dali, Bacon, Basquiat. I even saw an engraving by Goya on "Las Meninas" by Velazquez. Obviously, the lack of communication directly with Leonardo, Vermeer, and so on is haunted by contemporary artists. Thus making a remake of someone's masterpiece, you have a chance to touch the greatness of the genius of the past. I would say, there is a possibility of virtual communication. Obviposly, "Las Meninas" Picasso you can not be confused with any other "Las Meninas". This point also applies to other famous artists of our time. All the remakes are made in its individual style and manner and  are also can be masterpieces".