16 November, 2011 to 11 December, 2011

Maxim Bashev continues a way marked by anarchists of avant-garde. His bright visual art is inspired by practices of aesthetic terror to society that wants to sleep and to see dreams, wants the quiet prosiness, but not the disturbing images, reminding of real problems. His painting is close to New York of 80s, to the interventions of protest underground in city space.

His new project Fuck Your Laws starting with the title is rather deceiving than setting up the expectation of the audience optics. This failure is productive — our spectator habits and the prejudices, always staying between art and our sight, find the invisible presence and no more seem to us as unchangeable as before.


Laws — is an agreement. It is a border and a balance of interests — interests of the governance seeking for expansion, and society opposing it.

Bashev's exhibition impresses us with its will to break the boarders – the boarders of our representations, public convention, punishment administration and the boarders of art itself defining all over again its borders in each serious work.


Alexander Evangeli