Kristina Strunkova. Route is Calculated

Racer. 2017. Object, Fabric, Sintepon, Metal, Acrylic on Genuine Leather, Mixed media. 62 х 43 х 71 cm
Welcome to my world. 2017. Object, Acrylic on Styrofoam. 154 x 88 x 22 cm
Gus - magic friend. 2017. Object, Acrylic on Plywood, Feathers, Mixed media. 72 x 48 x 1 cm
27 June, 2017 to 20 August, 2017

"Route is calculated" - the debut exhibition of the graduate of the Surikov Moscow State Academic Institute of Fine Arts Kristina Strunkova.
The story of a small and defenseless Holly Pig from the provincial town of Hryuffel, Florida, embarked on a dream journey - a trip from Chicago to Los Angeles along the famous Route 66 - the American "Mother Roads". Gathering confusion and fear of the unknown, at high speed in a red cabriolet, Holly rushes towards a wonderful, sometimes strange, and sometimes dangerous adventure.
Sailing along the winding roads of America, Holly Pig sweeps past the cornfields of Illinois, the picturesque Missouri flood, the Great Plain in Kansas and through the ghost towns of Oklahoma, along the huge Texas Ranch and Indian settlements of New Mexico, rounds the Arizona cacti to get on the sunny Pacific beaches of southern California.
On the way Holly waiting for unexpected meetings, amazing twists of fate and a real, barely obscured by skyscrapers and strings of Cadillacs America. The route is calculated — fasten your seat belts!

Curator: Victoria Butkova