Igor Tishin - Paradise

Panama. 2013. Oil on canvas,170x150 cm
Crisis in Paradise (2). 2009. Oil on photo, 50,5x70 cm
Crisis in Paradise (1). 2009. Oil on photo, 50,5x75 cm
4 March, 2014 to 13 April, 2014

Igor Tishin is one of the brightest and most talented artists of the new wave of the Belorussian art marked by an active search of its new identity. Tishin was born in 1958 in the village of Vasilpolye. Being a graduate of the Minsk Academy of Arts, he underwent the formal training in monumental Socialist Realism and was inspired by the legendary Belorussian modernists Marc Chagall and Chaim Soutine and the Russian avant-garde. In 1997 Tishin received an art grant in Switzerland where he got a better opportunity to get acquainted with modern and contemporary art.  In 2000 the artist moved to Belgium – the country of comic strips. Eventually the artist develops his repertory of melancholic and burlesque images.

Tishin’s unbridled creative energy overflows the boundaries of  established aesthetic norms and produces a fascinating mixture of visual cultures, inspired by art and literary movements such as monumental Socialist realism, Constructivism, Dada, ‘kolkhoz’ visual culture,  ‘cosy’ Surrealism of Marc Chagall, Expressionism of Soutine and Bacon, the Laboratory  of Russian Futurists,  Sigmund Freud, contemporary comic strips, poetics of the Absurd by  Daniil Kharms, works of Gilles Deleuze and Franz Kafka, cinema, old photographs and family albums, letters, graffiti,  newspaper clips, early childhood memories. Igor Tishin treats reality with gusto of a collectioner in the disguise of either an antiquarian picking up the valuable objects disposed of by the civilization or a writer recording and   reconstructing the shreds of other people’s conversation and voices.

Wild, absurd and sensual aesthetics with no rules and hierarchy is the outcome of a complex ‘laboratory’ study of imagery and textuality of our epoch. Tishin renders personal and collective visual memory by clashing together two main media of the Soviet culture – the monumental painting and photography.