Gleb Skubachevskiy. Circulation

From the Project "Spiritum". 2016. Canvas, paper, acrylic. 110 х 110 cm
26 July, 2016 to 21 August, 2016

We are glad to present the new project of Parallel program of the 5th Moscow Biennale for Young Art in the 11.12 GALLERY: «Circulation» by Gleb Skubachevskiy, organized with support of the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin and internet portal Art Tube. 
Well-known ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed the circle was not only the basis of all figures, but also the most vivid description of the Universe functioning.
Turning the circle, we certainly get the circulation, which embodies all vital processes. Gleb Skubachevskiy interprets life as indissoluble connection between people and the Nature, which is inevitable despite all people’s achievements in the field of the technical progress. 
In Chinese philosophy the analogue of the life force is “Qi” which is unqualified primitive matter lying in the basis of the Universe organization and giving birth to everything by its own transformations and flow. The proper cycle of “Qi” inevitably leads to the harmony, while violation of the cycle stops development at all. Contemporary science replaces “Qi” with the atom as the main construction material of the creation and as condition of life existence, while Christianity doctrine proves it is “dust of the ground”: … for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return (Genesis 3:19). Circulation is in the basis of these scientific and ethical conceptions.
The “Circulation” project tells about the cycle of life – indivisible fusion of constant rebirth through aging processes and inexorable withering. In the 11.12 GALLERY will be presented dimensional objects, photographs and graphics by Gleb Skubachevskiy to experimental music of Sergey Khismatov.

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