Damir Muratov "Forever"

Winter Landscape with Skies. 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 40 х 60 cm
Mushrooms and Black Square. 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 90 х 90 cm
Whose Shoes? 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 40 х 50 cm
13 December, 2018 to 10 February, 2019

Contemporary artist Damir Muratov, author Che Burashka and Mickey, creator of the United States of Siberia and Bednotown (PoorTown) in Omsk presents works created after 2017 at the exhibition "Forever". "I would like to tell my story through pictures. I lived with the country. Without pathos, " says the artist. Muratov does not create in order to find excuses or answers, not to evaluate this time critically, he simply narrates, shares emotions, calling his way of thinking "post-Soviet romanticism", comparing it with the European form of Buddhism.