Art Sect Simple Things "Landscape Escape"

Endless Reborn. 2018. Object, composite, acrylic. 68 x 68 cm
Landscape Escape. 2018. Object, composite, acrylic. 68 x 68 cm
23 October, 2018 to 28 November, 2018

The artworks presented at the exhibition are absolutely different, but the artists have put their attitude to different kinds of phenomena, problems, situations of modern reality in each of them.

Art Sect Simple Things’ artworks are sometimes like children's toys, and attracted by its brightness and expressiveness, although they are often intensely social and dedicated to not rainbow themes. Behind the spectacular image there is always a difficult question of relationship with the surrounding world. Laws exist, any person is a tiny part of nature, obliged to know his place. No matter how punk he thinks he is, no matter how much he tries to break the system and dash away from reality, in fact he stands still, without noticing it, because no matter what corner of the earth he goes, he will find the same thing there. In virtual life, he can be a real king, but sooner or later, he will have to return to reality, where anyone can take on his Burger King paper crown. It is inside the system: in the jaws of a huge monster, ready to slam it at any moment. Anyway, he waits for one end - he becomes only a fertilizer that will give life to new sprouts.

Using the language of pop art, shifted to modern realities, art sect Simple Things reveals the trembling social problems in a bright playful manner. Emojis, brands, signs, images, text merge into expressive works, the extraordinary characters of which try to describe the trends of the modern world, passed through the perception of artists. The conclusion, however, disappoints: a person can not escape from the system. No matter how hard he tries, it will still bend him over.

The main thing is not to lose positive mood and strength in yourself, to take everything with a humor, no matter what. The exhibition "Landscape Escape" offers an ironic way of coexistence with reality. All you have to do is smile.