Art Miami New York

Наталья Залозная. На старте. 2015. Холст, акрил. 115 x 160
Руслан Вашкевич. Аукцион. 2014. Холст, масло. 200 х 300
Владимир Колесников. Субботник. 2014. Холст, масло, акрил, масляная пастель. 130 х 150
Владимир Семенский. Приятели. 2015. Холст, масло. 150 х 100
14 May, 2015 to 17 May, 2015
11.12 Gallery takes part in big international contemporary and modern art fair ‘Art Miami New York’. This will be the first time for the famous Art Miami fair to take place in New York at well-known Pier 94, and our Gallery is pleased to be the part of this event. 11.12 Gallery will demonstrate works by artists Vladimir Semensky, Ruslan Vashkevich, Natalya Zaloznaya and Vladimir Kolesnikov.