Andrey Klimenko "Under the Blue Sky…»

Andrey Klimenko. Brought New. 2019. Colour printing on canvas, digital painting. 80 x 50 cm
Andrey Klimenko. Haircut in Mental Hospital. 2019. Colour printing on canvas, digital painting. 50 x 80 cm
5 March, 2019 to 7 April, 2019

Andrey Klimenko's exhibition "Under the Blue Sky" is devoted to the realities of a psychiatric hospital. Having a unique experience, being more than once in the clinic of neuroses in Moscow and Kiev, the artist wants the viewer feels a real picture of what happens within the walls of this institution.

According to the author, he tries to convey as accurately as possible the psychological state of a person, being in a mental hospital: many patients live there for months and years, and some of them even are almost all their lives. Most of the time, patients lie on their beds or just walk down the hall killing time. The only joy is smoking, eating and walking under the supervision of nurses.

Andrey Klimenko graduated from the Shevchenko school of Arts, then the Kiev Polygraphic Institute. In 2005 he moved to Moscow, worked as 2D artist in 1C. In 2016 he was got to Moscow psychiatric hospital number 13. He returned to Kiev, where he was treated for a long time in a psychiatric hospital named after Pavlov. The artist notes that after the psychiatric hospital he began to create under the influence of creativity Munch, Matisse and other artists who were able to transfer things as they are.