Alexey Alpatov "Summertime"

13 April, 2017 to 14 May, 2017

Happy people, beautiful cars and blue sky are the main characters of the exposition. 

Summertime is the time of a short vacation of the humanity after a series of wars and the Great Depression, time of the long-awaited freedom from the daily fatigue and of happiness from the basic things - see, surfing, travelling by plane or car races by the beach. In Alpatov's paintings the car along with people's figures acts as one of the main characters, beautiful car is a personage that provides the opportunity of happiness and freedom, becomes a symbol of that short period of time showing power, motion and renewal. the history of America's development is strongly connected with constant exploration, actions and thus with roads. Americans are very mobile and they get driving license at the first opportunity. Cars are more meaningful for them than for the Europeans. Tracks and highways cross all over the country, car here is the second home, time spent in route is an important life part. 

The author is interested in movement process in general for a long time, his progect "Full Headlights" is a good exmaple. However, now the artist is focused not on metamorphosis of the reality influenced by the night and the car, but on delivering of the mood of the people that they got from new experience.