Alexey Alpatov - Storm

2 March, 2012 to 15 April, 2012


A series of large almost monochromic works by Alexey Alpatov offers a visitor a developing theme – birth, continuation, and culmination of the storm but  this plot is more energy than form. Its timing breaks the boundaries of human perception: storm lasts for years or centuries , it destroys the observer, washing away his history. When human is forgotten, there is nothing left but the raging nature.

The exposition deploys the drama of pure form, which never takes shape. Figures of water are not created, but just appear, reminding in their spontaneous perfection of poetry or Zen calligraphy. The artist interprets nature as an endless opportunity, absolute potential. His convincing picturesque illusionism informs us of the desire being deceived.

The impressive appeal to totality pushes us together with different, inhuman view. This view provide the world with itself and arises the tremor of admiration  and horror – this way everything sublime and modern recognizes itself. This

doubts the invincibility of our ideas,  clasps the death in arms of reflection, abandons heroism and subjectivity.

Alexey Alpatov`s painting assumes cultural reception adequate to the refinement and approves space of an esthetic autonomy.