Alexey Alpatov "Sky"

Sky 4. 2012. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 150 x 200 cm
Sky 1. 2012. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 280 x 150 cm
7 August, 2018 to 9 September, 2018

The project consists of three large-scale compositions, created by Alexey Alpatov's love for the massive Moscow architecture, shown from an unusual angle. All works are integral parts of one whole, resulting from one another. The unifying role here is played by a comprehensive black color, covering the entire space of paintings, and it seems to break into our reality. Black is perceived as voluminous, lively and fascinating, but only as long as there is an object nearby that allows you to immerse yourself in black matter and gives it depth and mystery. When you look closer, the abstract begins to take over, and the mystical mystery disappears, leaving in its place a flat black square. At the same time it is both the end and the starting point, which contains all the countless options for the image and development of the plot. When information disappears, «nothing» becomes equal to «everything», and emptiness begins to be perceived only as an opportunity for the birth of new forms, visions and secrets.