Alexander Zhernokluev. Red Sailors

Composition 13 from the series Red Sailors. 2008. Oil on canvas, 205х235 cm
Composition 39 from the series Red Sailors. 2012. Oil on canvas,135х70 cm
Composition 38 from the series Red Sailors. 2011. Oil on canvas, 200х200 cm
Composition 2 from the series Red Sailors. 2008. Oil on canvas, 185 х 195 cm
Composition 52 from the series Red Sailors. 2013. Oil on canvas, 129,5 х 149,5 cm
13 August, 2013 to 1 September, 2013

Alexander Zhernokluev served in the Baltic fleet - military obligations expanded on all the Soviet young men. Three years from 18 to 21 – the time of recklessness and spirit he lived in severe disciplinary and hierarchical environment. But then he stepped from the deck to the canvas. The grotesque images of sailors appeared in the early period of his creative work and over the years evolved in the red irrepressible merry fellows, who became some kind of a brand of his painting.

In the series of pictorial works Red Sailors Alexander Zhernokluev combines academic traditions of Russian realistic school with decorative methods of modernist style.

He places volumetric impressive figures in a white pure space of canvas.Using the power of two colors – red and white – he achieves vivid visual impression.The red one produces energy, passion, pleasure. The white one with golden elements of sailor`s attributes carries the sailors to an absolute triumph. The sailors are swirling, playing tricks, falling into euphoria or dreaminess, they are staying in their emotions and become symbols of the emotions on an empty sterile background. Still they remain realistic and traditional images of Russian painting.