Slava Ptrk

Slava Ptrk was born in 1990 in the town of Shadrinsk, Kurgan region. 

Street art artist with street work experience more than five years. His techniques are stencil, installation, poster, city interventions, free spray.

Specialization - the social and political statements, interactive projects.

Education: Bronnikov's art school (Shadrinsk), the Ural State University (now the Ural Federal University named the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg), Department of journalism, specialty - print media. 

One of curators and ideologists of «Sweater» street art gallery (Ekaterinburg). In the recent past, the site editor of street art and graffiti «Stenograffy», curator of the space «Stencil» at «Stenograffy» festival.

Participant of the art-residence program «Workshop» in the Ural branch of the NCC, 2012.

Participant of the annual program for education in public art CEC ArtsLink Global Art Lab in New-York, through which passed a 10-day training in July 2014.

Participant of the art-residence for young artists in «Dawn» art-canter (Vladivostok, May 2015).

Author of articles about street art and graffiti for such media as,,,,, etc.

Author of workshops on stencil graffiti, as well as his own intensive course in creative thinking and independent urban interventions.

Prizes and Awards: 

The winner of the international competition Portrait Now! (Copenhagen, Denmark) with the project «Street Dirt» (Russia - Denmark, 2015).

Winner in the nomination «Street art work of the year»

Победитель в номинации «Уличная работа года» Russian National Prize in the field of street art MOST (Moscow, 2014).

The winner of the competition for young artists of the Urals, Siberia and Far East in  Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (Krasnoyarsk, 2014).

The best artist in stencil art genre according to TRAFORO.RU in 2011 and the third place in 2014. 

Nominee for Kuryokhin prize in 2013 in section «Art in public spaces».

Winner of award in nomination «The best exhibition project» with the project «Street Dirt».

Winner of street art festival «Ecology of the space» (Perm, 2013) in nomination «Social art».

Winner of «Gold Promotion 2013» award (Ekaterinburg) in nomination «The best PR-project in social sphere».

Winner in nomination «The best art-action» 2013 according to with the project «Street Dirt».

Nominee of Moscow international advertisment festival Red Apple (Moscow, 2013) in nomination «Nonstandart social advertisment», the third place at the same festival in nomination «Nonstandart social advertisement – new media».

Bronze medalist of the Kiev international advertisment festival (Kiev, 2013) in nomination «Outdoor».

Silver medalist of the social advertisment festival «It's time!» (Omsk, 2013) in nomination «ambient-media, professional works» with the project «Street Dirt».



Personal exhibitions:

2016 "I'm Alone Here", 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow

2014 "Street Dirt", ETAGI loft project, Saint-Petersburg

Group exhibitions:

2017 «Come Back Home”, Institute Of Russian Realistic Art, Moscow

“Guilty!”, Moscow Museum Of Contemporary Art, Moscow

“Workshop 2017. Where Nobody Has Dreams: From Saсred Geography to Not-Place”, Moscow Museum Of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2015 «CloneArt 2», Valencia, Spane

«Remember tomorrow», Street Art Museum, Saint-Petersburg

Steet art festival «Stenograffy», Ekaterinburg

Exhibitions in the international competition of portraits «Portrait Now!», Erarta museum, Historical museum Frederksborg, Saint-Petersburg / Copenhagen

«Common history», Ural Vision Gallery, Ekaterinburg

2014 «Transit zone», PERMM contemporary art museum, Perm

Public art festival «Art-Prospect», Saint-Petersburg

Public art program of  Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, Krasnoyarsk

Street art festival «The Best City on Earth», Moscow

Steet art festival «Stenograffy», Ekaterinburg

2013 «Floor», anti-café «4 rooms», Ekaterinburg

«Boards - Paints 2013», Taiga creative spce, Saint-Petersburg

«Something that was not», the Ural branch of the NCCA, Ekaterinburg

10th Krasnoyarsk museum biennale of contemporary art «Love of the Space», Krasnoyarsk     

Steet art festival «Stenograffy», Ekaterinburg

2012 «Show me yourself», «Krasivo» gallery, Saint-Petersburg

Steet art festival «Stenograffy», Ekaterinburg

2011  «White Nights – Perm Alive» festival, Perm

Steet art festival «Stenograffy», Ekaterinburg

Pour in the plates. 2016
Acrylic, ready-made, stencil. ∅ 35 cm
Space for Maneuver. 2015
Hardboard, stencil, acrylic. 76 х 76 cm
Snowfall in New York. 2015
Hardboard, stencil, acrylic. 76 х 76 cm
Can't Swim. 2015
Object, stencil, acrylic, ready-made. 15 х 15 cm
The Hard Way. 2015
Acrylic on Canvas. 60 x 60 cm
Golden Rush. 2015
Acrylic on Canvas. 60 x 60 cm
Fire. 2015
Object, metal, stencil, acrylic. 33 х 15 х 5 cm
Clean is not where don't litter, but where clean up. 2016
Object, acrylic, stencil, ready-made. 41 х 35 х 10 cm
Jude. 2016
Object, acrylic, stencil, ready-made. 20 х 7 х 6 cm
Сosmonaut. 2016
Object, acrylic, stencil, ready-made. 35 x 25 cm
Young doctor. 2016
Object, acrylic, stencil, ready-made. 20 x 20 x 8 cm
Time is up. 2016
Object, acrylic, stencil, ready-made. D - 22 cm
Barefeet Homeland. 2016
Object, acrylic, stencil, ready-made. 30 x 23 cm