“Max Bashev’s neo-dada art succeeds to the post-war avant-garde art. It embodies the protest of the underground and the energy of the social emancipation, destroys genre boundaries, and esthetic commonness. This brutal cultural practice unties modernity with history and mythology. In this practice negativity is somewhat of a religion, reality is understood as the trauma and experience of the body, and ecstasy becomes art.”

– Alexander Evangeli

Born in 1961 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Art School N.1. Since 1986 has participated in exhibitions, notably in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, USA. His works are in the private collections in Russia, USA, Germany. Lives and works in Moscow.

Max Bashev’s works can be viewed as a form of neo-Dadaist practice. He has been inspired by Basquiat, Kieth Haring, and the entire underground protest culture they embody. This culture reflects an aesthetic terror towards the society that wants to sleep and see the dreams, wants an everyday uneventfulness of routine life rather than stirring images reminding them of real problems. A similar vibe is projected by Bashev in his works. His painting style gravitates towards 1980’s New York, when underground art in unconventional spaces swept through SoHo and became the subject of actual theoretical reflection. This brutal painting practice, which does not differentiate between a canvas and a wall and destroys the boundaries of genres, won some time for it se lf before getting crushed by the market and criticism.

Moments of Max Bashev’s ethnic styles bridge modernity with history and mythology as it also takes place in urban subcultures. Bashev incorporates historic images into modern contexts and blends modern visuals with mythological stories. Time is endured as a historic singularity. Such endurance of time mobilizes the European self-consciousness and turns neo-Expressionism into a transnational artistic trend followed by Bashev and other gallery artists.

Bacon’s influence, articulated by Bashev, becomes apparent in his way of composing a painting; this type of composition has nothing to do with the actual drawing. Such a painting is a registry of bodily experience of an artist. Gilles Deleuze viewed Bacon’s creativity as a freedom from functional structures and cognitive existence, a freedom through the practice of which an ecstasy becomes painting. Such discussions are applicable to an artist for whom negativity plays a role of theology or ideology. Max Bashev follows this line of negativity and attributes it to the avant-garde impulse. In his case we can talk about continuity with those whose artistic development is linked with Jean Dubuffet, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly and British pop artists.



Selected Group and Personal Exhibitions
2015 In Vogue, 11.12 Gallery, Moscow
Special Thanks to…11.12 Gallery, Singapore
Art Stage Singapore, Singapore
2012 Art Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2011 FUCK YOUR LAWS. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Sotheby’s Chicago. Certificated and valued by Sotheby’s expert. Chicago, USA
Art at War. Aldo Castillo gallery, Chicago, USA

Auction at Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago, USA
Chicago (Auction) under the patronage Garry F. Metzner, Vice President of Fine Arts, Chicago, USA
2002 Sam Brooke Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2000 Naturvita. S-Art gallery, Moscow, Russia
1993 ART-MIF-Manezh. Moscow, Russia
1992 Zolotaya kyst. Krymsky val, Moscow, Russia
1991 ART MIF-Manezh Moscow, Russia
Personal exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany
International exhibition in Manezh, Moscow, Russia
1989 Auction in Basel
1988 Two exhibitions at the House of Youth (Frunzenskaya embankment), Moscow, Russia
1987 Personal exhibition at the Treasury Chamber, Moscow, Russia
1986 Maxim Bashev takes part in exhibition activities since. Moscow, Russia
The works are represented in different private collection and museums including:
Gallery Volheiben, Calw
Red Line Gallery, Germany
Augsburg, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Regensburg, Germany
Nurnberg, Germany
Munich, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany
Gehengen, Germany
Wertingen, Germany
Amsterdam, Holland
New York,  the USA
Chicago, United States
Barcelona, Spain
Moscow, Russia.
Los Angeles, the USA
Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
Golgotha. All rights Reserved. 2011
Acrylic on canvas. 150 х 100 cm
Premonition. 2010
Acrylic on canvas. 200 х 120 cm
The Last Supper. 2012
Acrylic on canvas. 70 х 200 cm
Basquiat. 2014
Acrilyc on Canvas. 200 x 120 cm
Geraldine. 2015
Printing on canvas, acrylic. 130 х 100 cm
Last Chance. 2009
Acrilyc on hardboard, collage. 120 x 100 cm
Moonshining. 2012
Acrylic on canvas.130 x 200 cm
Overestimated. 2012
Acrylic on canvas. 150 x 130 cm
The Surrender of Breda. 2014
Acrylic on canvas, collage. 105 x 100 cm
Raphael. 2014
Acrilyc on canvas. 161 x 150 cm
Nirvana. 2016
Acrylic on canvas, photo. 100 x 130 cm
Susanna And Elders. 2016
Acrylic on canvas, photo. 100 x 130 cm
Stonehenge. 2015
Printing on canvas, acrylic, collage. 130 x 100 cm
The One. 2015
Printing on canvas, acrylic. 130 x 100 cm
Art is dead. 2013
Acrylic on canvas, mixed media. 120 x 100 cm
Specail thanx to Meer. 2014
Acrylic on canvas, mixed media. 100 x 120 cm
Exit. 2015
Printing on canvas, acrylic. 130 x 100 cm
Glamour. 2017
Printing on canvas, acrylic. 130 x 100 cm
Overstimated. 2017
Printing on canvas, acrylic. 130 x 100 cm
Paris London New York. 2015
Printing on canvas, acrylic. 130 x 100 cm